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Strong brands are recognized for the value that they bring to customers and the promise of consistent quality and service associated with that.

The international acoustic ceiling manufacturer Knauf AMF with its recognized strong product brands has all of these attributes and has always remained true to themselves, particularly in recent years of rapid transformation – maintaining focus on the modular ceiling and the clear demand for “best practice” in innovation, creativity, design, function and quality.

The next phase of the company’s development takes place with a further step to becoming a complete product and system solutions provider with the product brands AMF THERMATEX, HERADESIGN, AMF TOPIQ, AMF MONDENA,and AMF VENTATEC.

The acoustic ceiling specialist Knauf AMF, with its global sales and service network, offers on-site tailored solutions and timely advice for architects / planners, specialist contractors, distributors and developers. With us, you are always a ceiling solution ahead.

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Acoustics and design with a clear “green conscience”.The acoustic ambience of a room is one of the most important factors that affect the well-being and mood of people, even when they don’t consciously perceive it.

The Knauf AMF product brand HERADESIGN stands for acoustic decorative products and system solutions, based on wood-wool with a timeless character and a variety of design options. The noble “warm” character of the wood-wool structure makes the products unmistakable. Decades of developing our expertise and the traditional roots of the brand have resulted in outstanding acoustic solutions that promote well-being, concentration and performance in a sustainable way.

For the production of wood wool-acoustic tiles, only natural raw materials are used, whose functional and biological properties positively influence the room ambience and climate.
HERADESIGN– Design and function consciously united and unconventionally presented.


AMF THERMATEX– “functional and innovative“The tiles, produced using a wet-felt process, are considered to be an international benchmark for quality standards and functional product properties. AMF THERMATEX sets pioneering trends in the functional-aesthetic concept of modular ceilings.
Function meets design and sets innovative trends in modular ceiling solutionsFor decades, the internationally established brand AMF THERMATEX has stood for high performance in functional product properties, constant high product and service quality and maximum system safety.

AMF THERMATEX ceiling tiles, produced using a wet-felt process, are made of bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch and are therefore based on natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials. The exclusive use of RAL exonerated mineral wool guarantees the consistent high quality and safety as well as the bio-solubility of the mineral wool used.

Thermatex has a wide range of products to suit any of the customer needs.


“The new soft fibre ceiling tile from Knauf AMF’’.

With the launch of our soft fibre product range, Knauf AMF enhances our position as a complete system solutions provider for modular suspended ceilings. The features and technology of AMF TOPIQ offer further evidence of our reputation as an established innovator in suspended ceilings, whilst at the same time strengthening our approach to application orientated solutions. The technology of the product brand AMF TOPIQ is based on fleece laminated mineral tiles with an all over finish for a diverse range of room requirements. The standard panel construction consists of a fleece coating on both faces of the panel with both faces provided with a high quality colour coating. Additionally the panel edges are provided with Strong Edge Technology, a strong durable high quality colour coating to match the faces.

TOPIQ – Strong Edge Technology– soft but strong!


AMF MONDENA – “durable and timelessly elegant“ With the introduction of the new product brand AMF MONDENA, the metal ceilings offering from Knauf AMF are receiving recognition and significant expertise. The product range varies from square lay-in systems through free-span corridor ceilings right up to specialized individual solutions. With 19 different perforation patterns and a wide range of RAL colours, Knauf AMF is starting its own generation of metal ceiling products.

For decades, metal ceilings have been an integral part of the world of modular ceilings. Characteristic metal material properties such as durability, high stability, resistance to odors, functional aesthetics, ease of cleaning and individual design options have helped metal ceilings gain a continuous, high-end image. In particular the distinct system access and customized system solutions have influenced the unique selling points of metal ceilings and promoted the development as a specification product. With the ambition of complete system solutions expertise from one source and as a pro-active specification specialist, Knauf AMF is making a clear commitment to long-term innovation of metal ceiling solutions with AMF MONDENA.

AMF MONDENA – the metal ceiling solution from Knauf AMF!


AMF VENTATEC– “qualitative and flexible “High material quality and precise technical detailing characterize the standard of the profiles. The high performance product design guarantees the stability, safety and flexibility of the construction.

In combination with AMF THERMATEX, the result is a perfect ceiling solution to meet the highest requirements.

AMF VENTATEC is setting the standard with regards technical expertise and system solutions. Developed in-house by Knauf AMF, it is a visible sign of innovation and technological leadership.

AMF VENTATEC, the ceiling suspension grid system from Knauf AMF, combines the highest quality and system flexibility – both in manufacture and construction as well as in logistics, throughout the entire project process. This results in substantial time and cost advantages.

AMF THERMATEX (ceiling tiles) and AMF VENTATEC (grid) – the best possible technically coordinated system.